Revive Your Faded Wood Features

Bring new life to your staircase or deck with staining services in Windham, Hampstead, Salem, or Bedford, NH
Did your deck lose its color over time? Are the new bookcases in your office unfinished? Turn to Miles Makarowski Painting in Hampstead, Windham, Salem, or Bedford, NH for professional exterior or interior staining services. We can give virtually any wood feature a beautiful new look.
Our professional staining services include:
  • Banister staining
  • Staircase staining
  • Bookcase staining
  • Deck staining
We can work on both residential and commercial properties. Call 603-489-8802 today to schedule deck staining or another staining service with us.

How does the process work?

Whether we’re completing exterior or interior staining services, we’ll follow an elaborate process to achieve the best results. We’ll start by sanding down the wood. This step will eliminate marks on the wood and help it absorb the stain for a rich, even finish. After we apply the stain of your choice, we’ll seal the surface with an oil- or water-based product. This protects the wood from moisture and helps lock in the color.
When you work with Miles Makarowski Painting, you can expect clean, long-lasting results. Reach out today for a free estimate.