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Experience top-notch commercial painting services in NH that prioritize quality, reliability, and minimal disruption to your business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and confidently transform your space

Professional Commercial Painting Contractor in New Hampshire

At Miles Makarowski Painting, we have over 40 years of experience and specialize in commercial and industrial painting services. Our skilled painters transform your office, building, hotel, school, and many other properties with precision and high-quality materials. Get a free quote for painting services from the top-rated painting company in NH, and see how we bring affordable and quality Painting solutions to life. Call us now for your exterior painting needs!

Local and Trusted Commercial Painter

Ready to transform your commercial space in New Hampshire? Choose Miles Makarowski Painting for a vibrant and professional environment that will impress your clients and boost your business.

At Miles Makarowski Painting, we’re not just about painting. We’re about managing your project from start to finish, ensuring every detail is taken care of, and your vision is brought to life. Our dedicated project managers are here to ensure we stay on track, on time, and budget.

From daily tasks to adhering to time and budget constraints, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our client’s expectations every step of the way.

Ready to give your commercial space a fresh new look? Contact us for a free consultation today, and let us bring your vision to life!

Why Choose Mile Pro Painting Company

Looking for professional painters in NH?

Our Commercial Painting Services 

We at Miles Makarowski Painting offer affordable but quality painting solutions for businesses in the New Hampshire. Our expert team of professional painters is committed to delivering high-quality results using premium paints from trusted brands. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, our safety-conscious approach ensures minimal disruption to your business operations. We specialize in color consultation services to help you choose the perfect palette for your commercial space. With a focus on professionalism and attention to detail, we guarantee a flawless finish that will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and experience the difference with Commercial Painting Services NH.

Commercial Exterior Painting in NH
Commercial Exterior Painting in NH

Building Painting NH 

Transform your building with a fresh coat of paint! Our professional painters specialize in exterior painting, ensuring your property looks its best. Whether repainting worn-out walls or adding a pop of color to hard-to-reach areas, we’ve got you covered. Trust us for quality service and a vibrant new look for your building!

Office painting

Office Painting Services

Transform your office space with professional office painting services in NH. Our expert commercial painters use premium-grade paint products and specialized application methods to ensure a flawless finish. Whether renovating or simply painting, our team will deliver exceptional results. 

Commercial painting services in your area

Industrial Exterior Painting 

Industrial painting is vital in safeguarding machinery and equipment from damage caused by chemical spills and stains. With the proper coating application, surfaces receive durable protection, ensuring longevity and efficient operation. For more helpful information, call us. 

Interior Painting Service

 Commercial  Interior Painting    

Transform your business space with our expert interior painting services in NH. Our skilled team handles everything from offices and schools to hotels and community premises. We ensure minimal disruption to your daily activities and use low-fume paints for a safer environment. Ready to enhance your workspace? 

commercial exterior painting
commercial exterior painting

Commercial Exterior painting

Enhance the look of your business with our expert exterior commercial painting services in New Hampshire. At Miles Makarowski Painting, we handle everything from small offices and shops to large multi-story buildings. Our experienced painters ensure your project runs smoothly and without disruption. Whether you need a full repaint or a fresh color scheme update, we are here to help. Check out our portfolio to see the amazing transformations we’ve completed. Contact us today for a free consultation and give your business a fresh, new look!

Miles Propainting #1 Painting Company in NH

With over 40 years of Painting services in New Hampshire and Surrounding Areas
Ready to transform your interior? Contact Miles Pro Painting today for a consultation and discover how we can bring your vision to life with our expert painting services.

Types of Surfaces We Paint

At Miles Makarowski Painting, we offer exterior painting services for a wide range of surfaces. We ensure a high-quality finish that enhances the look and durability of your property’s exterior. Our highly skilled painters can handle different paints and materials with precision and care.

Wooden Surfaces

Do you have a deck or siding that does not look beautiful? No worries. We provide specialized painting for wooden surfaces, including decks, fences, and siding. Our paints and coatings protect the wood from weather damage while enhancing its natural beauty.

Metal Surface

Our team is highly skilled in painting and repainting metal surfaces such as railings, gates, and metal siding. We use high-quality paintings and coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish.

Brick and Masonry

For brick and masonry surfaces, we apply durable, best-quality paints that resist cracking and bad weathering. Our specialized knowledge and expertise ensure a flawless finish that maintains the structure’s integrity.

Concrete Surfaces

We offer expert painting for concrete surfaces, including walls, floors, and foundations. Our specialized knowledge and expertise in selecting suitable paints and coatings ensure enhanced durability and aesthetics.

Stucco Surface and Repair 

Are the stucco surfaces not looking good? If this is the case, they need to be painted to avoid cracks and peeling in the future. Our team uses the best materials and painting techniques to ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish that protects your stucco surfaces.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Our services include repainting of vinyl and aluminum siding to refresh and protect your commercial and residential property’s exterior. Our company uses specially formulated paints that adhere well to metal surfaces, providing a vibrant, durable finish.

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 Our Commercial Painting Process

We Offer A Complete Solution Across All Sectors:

Throughout New Hampshire and surrounding areas, we’ve successfully executed numerous remarkable commercial painting projects. With extensive experience spanning across all commercial sectors, we stand ready to deliver excellence in every endeavor.

Miles Makarowski Painting For All Your Painting Needs

Our team is ready to answer your call or enquiry. Let's discuss your painting project and get a FREE QUOTE today

Complimentary Color Consultation  

Do you know which colours will look better and match your property, or what colours and brands are on-trend now? We at Miles Makarowski Painting make sure to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the painting industry so we can provide you with the latest color options and painting techniques. Our free painting estimates include a detailed consultation on the colours so we can help you select the perfect colours for your next painting project.

Products We Use 

Some of the best brands we use are:

Tools we use in our painting work 

Discover the difference with Miles Makarowski Painting. Our expert team utilizes various essential painting tools to make a perfect interior for your spaces. From scrapers ensuring smooth surfaces to masking tape for precise detailing, we’ve got the essentials covered. Achieve impeccable walls with sanding sponges and seamless repairs using putty. Some of the tools we use are:

Health and Safety

Ensure the well-being of your space with our comprehensive health and safety measures at Miles Makarowski Painting. Our commitment to your safety extends to every aspect of our work, from using environmentally friendly paints to implementing workplace safety measures. Experience peace of mind as we prioritize health and safety in every project across New Hampshire.

Environmentally Friendly Paints

At Miles Makarowski Painting, we prioritize the environment without compromising on quality. Our use of environmentally friendly paints enhances the aesthetics of your space and minimizes environmental impact. Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and style in every stroke, ensuring a brighter future for New Hampshire.

Workplace Safety Measures 

Safety is our top priority at Miles Makarowski Painting. With stringent workplace safety measures, we ensure a secure environment for our team and your property. From protective gear to adherence to safety protocols, trust us to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing safety across all projects in New Hampshire.

Avoiding Health Hazards

At Miles Makarowski Painting, we understand the importance of avoiding health hazards in every project. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we mitigate potential risks to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Trust us to deliver superior results while prioritizing your well-being in New Hampshire.

Lead-Safe Exterior Painting Company

Keep your family safe!

Miles Makarowski Pro Painting is dedicated to improving your interior and keeping it lead-free and safe. This means that our company follows the lead-safe work practices provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) program. Call us today to learn more, or more can be read here about lead in paints.

 Contact Us

If you’re ready to transform your commercial and business spaces with local quality painting services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of painters at Miles Makarowski Painting. We’re here to answer your questions about painting and decoration services and provide a personalized, obligation-free painting quote. Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your painting needs and discover how our expertise and commitment to quality and affordability can make your vision a reality.


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Nadia Trant
Nadia Trant
Miles and Alex were very professional, neat and accommodating. We had a complete kitchen re-do: cabinets inside and out, woodwork, ceiling and walls and it looks like new! For a 90 year old kitchen it looks bright and refreshed. .
Donna Hannagan
Donna Hannagan
I have used the services of Miles and Alex about 3 times to paint both floors of my house including ceilings, walls, trim, doors and baseboards. I plan on them painting my outdoor spaces as well. They are a very professional service as well as courteous. To their customers. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a professional job
Bijan Zandbod
Bijan Zandbod
Used them for painting the full interior of my rental. Really appreciated the thoroughness and accuracy of the work proposal, was extremely professional, price was reasonable, and Miles kept me updated on progress every step of the way. Would highly recommend to friends and family in the future!
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar
Miles and his team took on our great room job and it was a pleasure from the get go. The in person estimate and discussion was great and Miles squeezed in our job into their schedule. The team arrived promptly at 8 am everyday to start the job. The room was painted beautifully with quality product and the room was left in great condition. Would definitely recommend for your home paint project!
Dave Cosio
Dave Cosio
Miles and his son did a brilliant job on our kitchen. Everyone who come in is amazed and thinks we go a new kitchen. We are very happy and highly recommend Miles for all your painting needs.
Elyse Holder
Elyse Holder
Excellent work by Miles and Alex. Miles kindly fit us into their busy schedule and made the whole process so easy with his smooth communication. We will absolutely reach out to them again for future paint jobs!
ellen moore
ellen moore
We are so happy with the way our house looks. Mr. Makarowski and his painters did a fantastic job and made sure we were completely satisfied throughout the process. I highly recommend this company and look forward to having them paint our interior as well.
Chris Mikutel
Chris Mikutel
Miles and Alex do great work and are focused on customer satisfaction. After having them in several dates recently to do a number of rooms at our house, we’re very satisfied and will be having them out for future jobs. They were not late, noisy or unprofessional in any way and are the mark that other painters should strive for!
Sharon Mikutel
Sharon Mikutel
I had Miles and Alex out to paint my kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and hallway. They are extremely professional, extremely personable, and very competitively priced. They were so neat in their workspace. When they were through, it doesn’t even look like they were there! The painting job was meticulous and perfect. And the best of all… they are FAST. It’s actually mind-blowing how quickly they work for how amazingly neat they are. I will only use Miles and Alex for any further painting needed and I very highly recommend them to everyone.
Joseph Buchonis
Joseph Buchonis
Miles and Alex were EXCELLENT!!!! we had our old back steps redone and contractor had to tear into side of house---so we had exteror painting to be done ---it was very tedious along the side of the house and new steps, BUT Miles and Alex made the painting of our outside interior very good. Miles emailed the day before and was on time both times they came to paint----no smoking, no loud music, no trash, just did the work and then cleaned up and left both times... VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!!!


Interior Painting Service

Interior Painting

Residential Exterior Painting Service

Exterior Painting

Pressure Washing


Our painting rates typically range from $20 to $50 per hour. It’s important to note that painting rates can vary from place to place and also depends on the specific details of each project. We strive to provide transparent pricing and will work with you to determine the most accurate estimate for your painting needs. Contact us for a personalized painting quote tailored to your specific needs.

The amount of paint required to cover the exterior of your house depends on several factors, including the size of your house, the type of surface being painted, and the number of coats needed. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced painters to get an accurate estimate. They will assess your property, consider the surface conditions, and provide you with a detailed estimate of the paint quantity required for your specific project. This ensures you receive the optimal amount of paint, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start transforming your home’s exterior.

Painting the inside of a house can have different prices depending on things like how big the house is, what shape the walls are in, and any extra stuff the owner wants. According to homeadvisor, it usually costs about $1,892 to paint a house inside, costing roughly $3.50 per square foot. But remember, this is just an average, and the final bill might differ based on what needs to be done.

Yes, the choice of paint product significantly impacts the cost of your project. Higher-quality paints may cost more upfront but offer better coverage and durability, potentially saving money in the long run. We help clients select the best paint products for their needs and budget to ensure quality results and cost-effectiveness.

To estimate a painting job, we typically calculate the price based on the square feet of the project, but there some factors such as surface preparation, type of paint, and labour are considered to provide an accurate estimate.