Matte, satin, or gloss – Discover the best type of exterior paint finish for Atkinson homes

Painting a home’s exterior can breathe new life into its appearance. In Atkinson, where weather conditions can vary, selecting the best exterior paint finish is essential for durability and aesthetics. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and timeless appeal, understanding the different types of exterior paint finishes available is the first step. Keep reading to explore what type of exterior paint finish is best in Atkinson.

Best Paint Types in Atkinson

Acrylic Paint

Oil-Based Paints

Ideal for surfaces like porch floors, doors, trim, and intricate details, oil-based paint dries to a durable, hard finish. However, they are prone to cracking and fading over time compared to latex and acrylic options.

Latex Paint

Exterior Paint Finishes in Atkinson

Matte Finish

However, this finish is less durable and more porous, making it unsuitable for high-traffic areas like doors and floors. It’s best suited for exterior sidings.

Satin Finish

Ensure thorough mixing of your satin exterior paint finish before application to prevent uneven sheen. If you’re planning to use the paint soon, consider having it mixed at the store for optimal consistency.

Semi-Gloss and Glossy Finish

While less shiny than glossy paint, semi-gloss paint still offers durability and stain resistance, making it suitable for doors and trim work. For enhanced longevity, opt for semi-gloss over glossy paint for areas prone to wear and tear. Use high-gloss finish paints selectively, avoiding application on dented siding or areas with imperfections, as they may accentuate flaws and draw unwanted focus.

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