Unlock the power of exterior paint – Explore the benefits beyond interior options

Painting can be a top choice for enhancing the interior and exterior aesthetics of a house when it comes to home improvement. Since paints can be expensive, and nobody wants to waste them, especially if there is an exterior project waiting to be finished. However, is it possible to use interior paint on the exterior of a house? Keep reading to explore the possibility of using interior paint on the exterior of your home.

Understanding The Difference of Interior vs. exterior Paints

There are four primary differences between interior and exterior paints:


On the other hand, exterior paint pigments are designed to withstand the elements and direct sunlight, ensuring color vibrancy for a longer duration.

Binding Agents

In contrast, exterior paints contain tougher binders specifically formulated to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions.

Liquid Components

The higher levels of VOCs in exterior paint can increase health risks, particularly in enclosed spaces with limited ventilation. Therefore, it’s inadvisable to use interior paint outdoors or exterior paint indoors.


The Drawbacks Of Using Interior Paint On The Outside

Applying interior paint outside has several risks, including:

Health Hazards

Environmental Concerns

Using interior paint in outdoor settings gives rise to environmental hazards as its constituents can seep into the soil and water, releasing harmful chemicals into the ecosystem. This contamination can disrupt plant growth, adversely affect local flora and fauna, and impact wildlife along the food chain.

Insufficient Protection

Poor Adhesion

Lack of Durability

Why You Should Never Use Interior Paint On The Exterior And Vice Versa

Additionally, interior paint takes longer to dry as it’s not formulated to withstand outdoor conditions. If you use interior paint on exterior surfaces, it will lead to frequent touch-ups as the paint fades and cracks over time.

Here’s why you cannot use exterior paint on the interior:

Expert Help On Exterior Painting


interior paintWhile it may be tempting to use interior paint on the exterior of your house to save costs, it’s not a wise choice due to the differences in composition and purpose of both paints. For professional and long-lasting results, it’s best to enlist the expertise of experienced painting contractors. Not sure which paint colors to choose? Miles Makarowski Painting can help. We partner with qualified local designers and decorators at Beatrice Kahn Interiors to help you choose the best color palette for your space.

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