Boost your curb appeal – Expert strategies for speedy exterior paint to dry

Although the idea of refreshing your walls with a new layer of exterior paint is exciting, waiting for the paint to fully dry can test your patience. While the painting task can be completed overnight, it is crucial to ensure the paint is thoroughly dry to enhance the overall outcome. However, how long does it take for the exterior paint to dry? Keep reading to learn how the type of paint and certain other factors contribute to the overall drying time.

How Long Does It Take For Exterior Paint To Dry?

Let’s explore the drying time of different paint types:

Drying Time Of Latex Paint

Latex paint cures from the outside in, meaning it may feel dry to the touch long before it has fully hardened. The complete curing process for latex paint can take at least 14 days under ideal conditions. In less-than-optimal environments, this process might extend up to 30 days.

Drying Time Of Oil-Based Paint

Despite its longer drying time, oil paint cures faster than its alternative, taking 3 to 7 days. This quick curing time makes oil-based paint a preferred option for surfaces such as floors and trim.

Factors Influencing Exterior Paint Drying Time

Here’s a rundown of each:


Conversely, if you’re painting your porch in the summer with temperatures exceeding 85 Fahrenheit, the excessive heat will cause the paint to dry too rapidly, preventing proper bonding with the surface. This can lead to a cracky, flaky paint job. Therefore, the optimal drying temperature range is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


The high humidity prolongs the painting process and also affects the finish of your fresh paint, leading to less-than-desirable results.



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